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Project process

The foundation

The house stands and falls with its foundation.
We attach great importance to a solid foundation and work with a variety of methods and materials to ensure a level floor.

We recommend that the customer either installs a concrete slab or alternatively it is possible to use gravel chippings.

The transport

Our houses are transported from Europe to Mallorca and finally from our logistics center to your home.
Whether to the mountains or to the 5th floor of a house, we take care of it!

The assembly

The most important part of the project is the assembly itself. We work responsibly and reliably to create a long-lasting house for you. The materials have been tried and tested through our many years of experience on Mallorca and we install them flawlessly.

The paint

Painting the house is probably the most effective way to ensure a long-lasting product. We offer you a variety of colors to choose from.
However, it is essential to paint the house at least every 2 years (or even more frequently depending on sun exposure).

Desired floor

We always install an approximately 18mm tongue and groove wooden floor in our houses.
In addition, it is possible to lay laminate or vinyl flooring. This extends the lifespan of the subfloor and slightly increases the insulation of the house.

Windows & Doors

Depending on the model selected, insulating glass, real glass or artificial glass windows will be installed. If required, we can install additional windows and doors for you in consultation.

This is possible at any time, even after the construction work has been completed.


If required, we can install custom-made walls, doors and windows for you. Please contact us. We leave the installation of the sanitary facilities and the electronics to a specialist.

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